Day 17

After having breakfast we went out to return the car so that meant we had to walk back. On the back we went through the city looking at different stuff. Later on in the city we found a botanic gardens so we walked through. In there were also two castles from the old kings in the past. My favourite thing that we found in there were the squirrels and counted 16. A few of the trees there were oak trees that dropped acorns, I found one on the ground picked it up and gave it to a squirrel. He came right up on to my hand picked it up and took up his tree.

Day 16

After having breakfast we set off hoping to get to Warsaw (capital of Poland) by today. We did reach Warsaw but we stopped off at a mall aiming to by a suit case for all the new stuff we had bought on the trip. Our first dinner in Warsaw wasn’t the best, thy gave us a fake tax, every thing was over price, they didn’t have normal water and the food was quite bad.

Day 15

After having breakfast we set off to find ChoCho Marisa who was my Grandma’s friend. We were searching all over for her apartment and once we found it we still had to call her because we were lost. Once we were in she gave us all some soup, and we thought we were just having that. We were wrong. After the soup she then brought out a plate with giant potatoes, lots of lamb, and cabbage. Followed by strawberries with cream, lots of ice cream and a cake the size of a wedding cake! Because we couldn’t finish the cake she made us take it with us to Warsaw (capital city of Poland) which is directions we were heading today. We then took her for a drive in the car to go find my mum’s old house. It took us a while but me found It in the end. We then dropped of Cho Cho Marisa and stared heading to Warsaw. We didn’t have a hotel booked yet so we were looking out for signs. After a while we found a sign saying four star hotel, so we followed the sign and after a while we thought maybe it doesn’t exist any more because this was leading to the middle of know were. Before we knew it we had turned the corner and found this incredible hotel. To bad we’re only staying for the night.

Day 15

For dinner later on We had Indian at the lower market were we could her the trumpet player who plays from this very high building every hour. This was one of the legends were he would use to play to warn the people if there was some kind of attack or war. One time the Turkish started war but they knew there only chance of winning the war was to get rid of the trumpeter. They started shooting arrows at him and one of them shot his neck in his last note which was to late and the Polish one the war.

Day 14

In the first salt mine where we were with 30 others, there was a souvenir shop at the end still under ground where I got a salt rock from the mine with a miner inside. In the same mine there is also a church were people go every Sunday, but this means they have to come the lift or stairs once a week. In the second mine I found a few salt rocks on the ground along the way so I kept them.

Day 14

Today we spent the whole day 110 meters under ground in the biggest Salt Mine in the world. Because it was a salt mine if you wanted to you could lick the walls. There were two sections of the salt mine, one part were we were with about 30 others and it was like a museum. And the other one was were it was just us and we got mining gear.

Day 13

After breakfast we set off to the Auschwitz Birkenau museum and got a tour guide to show us the way. The tour guide lady also told us that her uncle was one of the 144 men that escaped and came part of the polish resistance.

Day 12

As soon as we had finished breakfast we set off to Krakow. On the way there we figured out that my mum has super powers, because it was about lunch time and Eton and I were both hungry. We then found a sign that said Mc Donald’s in 5 Km so we asked if we could go to Mc Donald’s and they said, we could if only if we drove past it, but we took a right turn so it we didn’t pass it. As we were driving later on me and Eton were making a lot of noise so mum said there’s a Mc Donald’s sign to keep us quiet (it keeps us quite because we’re looking out the window). But about 100 meters later there was a Mc Donald’s sign saying “Mc Donald’s in 27 km”. We thanked mum for using her super powers and then laughed. Late on were asked mum to give us another sign and a few minutes later she said “look now”. So we looked all over and some how there was another sign so we all laughed. Once we got to Mc Donald’s I said this is really good could please put a Mc Donald’s near our hotel, and once we had arrived we found a Mc Donald’s 50 meters away.

Day 11

Later on we caught a horse buggy up to another chair lift which took us to an even higher mountain were we could see ice. We went so high We all crossed the border to Slovakia.

Day 11

The next we got in the car and set off to the funicular Which took us onto the mountains. Once we were up there we found lots and lots of little souvenir shops as well as parkour though the trees, and arcade games. After an hour we were meant to come back down using the funicular, but it is so cramped in there we decided to go down the chair lift.

Day 15

My brother got a souvenir at the castle which was a book about all the legends in Krakow. I got my souvenir later at the market were I could try and get the best price. My souvenir was a dragon from one of the legends.


Day 15

Today was spent at the Krakow castle were we learnt a few legends and learnt about it’s history. We went through two sections of the castle, on e were they showcased a lot of paintings and cupboard inside. The other one was also in the castle but not as high, that showcased a lot of cannons and other weapons.

Day 10

Soon later we were in Zakopane and found a five star hotel online for two nights . Once we got there we just stayed in the area and played in the hedge maze and Swimming Pool as well as the steam room.

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