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Indigenous Awareness Campaigns

We have been studying different aspects of Australian Aboriginal life and looking at how they have changed because of European settlement in Australia. Our big project this term was to create an awareness campaign that would educate people about the way Aboriginals live in Australia. Here are some examples.



100 Word Challenge

As a class, we did the 100 word challenge. You have to write a story that is 100 or less words long. Each week there will be a new phrase, word, sound or a picture to begin your story. Everyone is having a great time and using their imagination in different ways it is a fun activity and we all enjoy it.


Please look at our individual class blogs to read our writing!


By Jasmin

Dreamtime Stories

For our unit of inquiry we are focusing on how cultures collide. Particularly we have been focusing on Indigenous Australians. A couple of weeks ago we have investigated on Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and how they have represented a significant part of their culture. Mr Huebl suggested that we could we could create our own. We all thought that this was a good idea.

We spent lots of time on reading dreamtime stories so we could understand the concept and the structure. One of our observations was that nearly all dreamtime stories are about nature and animals. We filled out booklets about the story we have comprehended. After a couple of days of investigating once we were comfortable with the idea of dreamtime stories it was time to structure and draft them. We started off with the characters, plot, moral etc. We planned it in a booklet our teacher created and then we drafted it in our writer’s notebooks. Then we went on the computer and make a digital copy. After a few days we decided to spend our technology time exploring the Internet with book publishing websites. We were so inspired we even did a hard copy one!

These are a few examples, we hope you like them!  The first is about how butterflies got their colours;

Once upon a time in the dreamtime lived a group of animals in the bush. The bush encompasses snapping crocodiles Jumping Kangaroo’s Buzzing Bees Tiny ants and many other animals. But some of them were very mean.

Especially the crocodile, kangaroo, a bee and the small ant. They used to pick on the beautiful colourful bird,

named Mimi Ali. Mimi Ali was so beautiful and every one was jealous of her. One day a beautiful butterfly came into the forest, being very lost and very sore from crawling around all day on the warm bush surface. Back then butterflies had no wings, only a small fragile body and had at least ten small little legs. Her name was Dora. After a couple of years, Dora and Mimi Ali became very close friends. They had an unbreakable bond,  because they had lots of things in common, including being bullied by the mean animals. They were used to the bullying. Until one day, the butterfly spotted Mimi Ali being bullied. The butterfly came up to the Crocodile, the kangaroo the bee and the small ant.

“Stop!!” the butterfly exclaimed.  “STOP! STOP! You are just jealous of Mimi Ali. Stop right now!!!”The other animals were so scared of her big voice which had displayed her anger as well as her bright red cheeks; they all scurried and run away from Mimi Ali and the butterfly. Butterflies don’t have a big voice anymore because Dora had used her voice, and had lost it.

This is the reason why butterflies don’t have their loud voices any more like they use to. One day the bird was just about to die. The bird said to the butterfly, “When I die, I will give you my beautiful bird wings. They may be big on you at first, but they will shrink onto you the next day. I want you to be happy and be able to fly away from the mean animals you may face. Thank you.” Mimi Ali suddenly died, but the butterfly felt alive, and flew away to a happier life. ©

This is another that talks about how rainbows are made…

A long, long ago set in the dreamtime in Maningrida happilylived a flock of birds. The birds had many different kinds ofbreeds of birds, there are Weebill’, Emus, Passerines, petrelsand many more. The colourful birds with unique patterns filled the air, ground and the trees. In Maningrida, the birds had a system that organises the structure of the day. Every day the birds had the same job and followed the same routine. The Weebill caught the worms, the petrels boiled the water and the other birds had other jobs to make the place cleaner, better and more efficient.

One stormy day the Passerines said, “This place is good, but it is boring” “What do you mean, “ asked the Weebil confused. The Passerines replied, “ Look, we have the same routine every day so we can keep this place clean but we needmore colour”

“ I agree, we need to have something in something colorful in the sky, so we can look at it in the day” Said the petrelsPasserines lit up like a light bulb and said “I know how we can do this…. Us birds all have a talent and that is singing.We can sing to the sky and maybe if the gods like us the can give us some colour”

The birds happily agreed with the plan and they decided tosing tonight up on the rooftop so the gods can hear thevoices better.

That stormy night the rain was beating down to the dirt. Allthe birds flew up to the rooftop after hours of rehearsing their favorite song to perfection they decided to sing it.

On the count of three they sang their hearts out. Some of thebirds had instruments. Their was the sticks and the shaker to outline the beats.The Emu started the song then the other birds, making thechorus followed after. Two verses into the son the birds heard “ding”


A shine across the sky began. The birds saw the most beautiful thing they have every seen. It had so many bnrightand vibrant colours that the birds didn’t even realise that itwas dark. A deep voice said “ This song is amazing, it was sogood that I have granted your wish

All the birds cheered in a high and cheerful voice “Thankyou”

All of the birds were admiring the beautiful colors when theemu said

“what should we call it, maybe something like rainbow sinceit looks is as colorful as a bow and it is raining”