Day 12

As soon as we had finished breakfast we set off to Krakow. On the way there we figured out that my mum has super powers, because it was about lunch time and Eton and I were both hungry. We then found a sign that said Mc Donald’s in 5 Km so we asked if we could go to Mc Donald’s and they said, we could if only if we drove past it, but we took a right turn so it we didn’t pass it. As we were driving later on me and Eton were making a lot of noise so mum said there’s a Mc Donald’s sign to keep us quiet (it keeps us quite because we’re looking out the window). But about 100 meters later there was a Mc Donald’s sign saying “Mc Donald’s in 27 km”. We thanked mum for using her super powers and then laughed. Late on were asked mum to give us another sign and a few minutes later she said “look now”. So we looked all over and some how there was another sign so we all laughed. Once we got to Mc Donald’s I said this is really good could please put a Mc Donald’s near our hotel, and once we had arrived we found a Mc Donald’s 50 meters away.

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