Day 15

After having breakfast we set off to find ChoCho Marisa who was my Grandma’s friend. We were searching all over for her apartment and once we found it we still had to call her because we were lost. Once we were in she gave us all some soup, and we thought we were just having that. We were wrong. After the soup she then brought out a plate with giant potatoes, lots of lamb, and cabbage. Followed by strawberries with cream, lots of ice cream and a cake the size of a wedding cake! Because we couldn’t finish the cake she made us take it with us to Warsaw (capital city of Poland) which is directions we were heading today. We then took her for a drive in the car to go find my mum’s old house. It took us a while but me found It in the end. We then dropped of Cho Cho Marisa and stared heading to Warsaw. We didn’t have a hotel booked yet so we were looking out for signs. After a while we found a sign saying four star hotel, so we followed the sign and after a while we thought maybe it doesn’t exist any more because this was leading to the middle of know were. Before we knew it we had turned the corner and found this incredible hotel. To bad we’re only staying for the night.

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