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Day1 of fallons fantastic blog “another day of an extraordinary life”

Hi 5H
On Monday night I boarded the airplane at 10 o’clock pm for the beginning of my overseas adventure. I was so excited to start my travels to Scotland, where I was born and left age 5.
My first plane went for 13 hours 20 mins to soho and my second plane went for 7 hours 30 mins to Edinburgh.
My mum and I were on the plane for a whole 24 hours- a whole day to cross from one end of the world to the other!
We finally got here today at 1:30pm
(10.30pm in Australian time)
We felt so hungry from all that travelling so we went to a restaurant called one square I had a delicious meal of fish and chips
After that we went to the hotel’s spa and I swam in the lovely indoor pool
We are getting ready to go to the restaurant called wagamama’s . Is is an Asian inspired Japanese restraurant for dinner, there we set about planning our amazing sight seeing day tomorrow.