Time Zone Research

In Mathswe are looking at Time. One of the things we needed to inquire into was Time Zones. Sometimes in Australia we have five time zones and at other times we have three. This was something we wanted to find out more about! Students were given some suggested lines of inquiry but also encouraged to […]

Show Me Your Fractions

Show Me Your Fractions

In Mathematics we are looking at Fractions. As part of our Tuning In, Mr Huebl asked us to demonstrate our prior knowledge on working with fractions by creating an instructional video. As well as being part of our Mathematics Inquiry, they will also serve as resources for students both in Year 6 and lower years […]

Laura and Maggie

Henny’s Math Lesson

Today, Mr Huebl asked all the people who had finished their enlargement, to find something productive to do. Somebody piped up with the bright idea to give everyone a cartoon to draw, so we could do a 6HU Mash Up, of lots of different characters. I explained to the class what we would be doing […]

Maths Continuous Learning Week 3

Your investigation this week is onto the commection between millilitres and cubic centimetres. You may present your findings anyway you wish, but it must be recorded in a blog post. For example, if you do an experiment, record (video) the process and post that, along with a description on your blog. Alternatively, you may construct […]

Continuous Learning – Maths Week 2

So, the task is to creatively show the features of a 3D shape of your choice. You can do this however you like, and choose whichever shape you like. The only stipulation is that you need to present it as a post on your blog. Remember to categorise and tag it appropriately, and use the […]

The results we found

Calendar Investigations

We have been investigating number patterns, and the phenomena that we observe. Our task was to look at a ‘square’ of dates from a calendar and investigate the sums of the dates as we added horizontally, vertically and diagonally. We found that the total sum we found was the same every time, because it was […]



In Maths we are starting to look into patterns and algebra. For a homework task, we were asked to look at patterns we could find outside the school and describe them in words. Then we had to include some photos and post the work on Edmodo to Mr Huebl. These are some of the things […]

Maths Race

Today in Maths we were practising our decimal operations for our topic test. A few of us decided to make it interesting and have a race…

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