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Day 10

We found a Cafe and had our first food in Poland which was pierogi. We then had a soft serve and it was massive, the cone was only about 7 cm but the actual ice cream was about 15.

Day 9

After we found a hotel we went to get dinner but there was no where to eat. The whole town closes at 6:00, so we had to drive 80 km out of the town to a different one. Once we were there, the only food we could find was a pizza shop so we got two large boxes and ate them at the hotel.

Day 9

We left the apartment at 8:30 and caught a taxi to the train station where we hired our car. We went down to the car park got the car and started heading to Poland.

Day 8

While we were looking at all the mini shops we found and went in Hamleys toy shop which is the biggest toy company in the world! It was massive, it was four stories high and had all different types of toys from tiny lego sets to a teddy bear twice the size of me! They also a fast slide from the second floor to the first as well as a merry go round and mirror maze. I didn’t get any thing because I couldn’t make up my mind but my brother got a thousand piece puzzle. Talking about puzzles, when we were in the puzzle section we also went saw a 40320 pice puzzle which was about 2 by 6 meters!

Day 11

The next we got in the car and set off to the funicular Which took us onto the mountains. Once we were up there we found lots and lots of little souvenir shops as well as parkour though the trees, and arcade games. After an hour we were meant to come back down using the ticket bought, but it is so cramped in there we decided to go down the chair lift.

Day 9

After driving a bit further we stoped at this town called Litmus where they had this little festival. While we were there we also found a nice hotel for the night.



Day 8

We dropped off our bags from the little shops and Hamley’s and then went on a 2.5 km walk to a piano store so me and Eton could practice. We then also got new guitar strings while we were there and then walked back to have dinner, which was the best thing we had eaten (Eton) ha ha, in all of Prague.

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