100 Word Challenge

100 Word Challenge

One of the things that we are beginning to do as we focus on our writing this term is the 100 Word Challenge. This is a weekly writing challenge that we complete and post on our class blogs. There is a prompt each week, which is sometimes a phrase, or some words, or even a […]

Indigenous perspectives

Today we did a lesson on biomes for our UOI (Unit Of Inquiry.) Mr. Huebl told us to go to a website called UCMP Berkeley, which gave information about the five main types of biome, Aquatic, Grassland, Desert, Forests and Tundra. The website was what we used for our research on biomes. The link to […]

Who We Are

Our first Unit of inquiry for the year was ‘Who We Are’. The Central Idea was “As we grow we look at the world differently.” Content-wise, we integrated the Health Curriculum as well as Cyber-Safety principles. One of the culminating experiences for this unit was the children creating a Code of Conduct for their blogs, […]

Exhibition Progress 17 October

Reflection 13 September

Time Zone Research

In Mathswe are looking at Time. One of the things we needed to inquire into was Time Zones. Sometimes in Australia we have five time zones and at other times we have three. This was something we wanted to find out more about! Students were given some suggested lines of inquiry but also encouraged to […]

Forensic Science

Today saw Year 5 experiencing “A case of Discovery” by Education Interactive. This was a fun interactive way for the students to engage in the science of forensics. Students were presented with a series of clues, and through engaging with manipulative materials, were able to crack the code and solve the case.

Lego Maths

It’s a lazy Spring afternoon, with the students not in the optimum frame of mind for a Mathematics lesson. We decided to play with our new lego set and see how we could use it to show Mathematical understanding. These are some of the things the students came up with: Bianca Sam Meg Ella Simone […]

6Hu Mylor Camp

What we did for year 6 camp First day of year 6 camp, we were put in three different groups Each group went to an activity. Those activities were canoeing, the challenge course & initiative pursuits. Those activities fairly challenging for some people. On that night the group one tenters were setting up for camp. […]

What is my Culture?

Year 6, Our Individuals and Societies unit this term is “When Cultures Collide”. An important thing for you to understand before looking at different cultures around the world is what the world culture means, and what students believe their own culture means. To do this, please have a quick look at the following sites, that […]

Computer Programming

In Term 2 we have begun using Scratch to learn about programming in Design. Here is one of our first attempts. scratch gliding from SAS Year 6 on Vimeo.

Harry Potter/Minecraft/Novel Study

One of our culminating Novel Study tasks was a creative piece that asked students to recreate the chapter ‘Through the Trap Door’ (harry_potter_novel_study, thanks to Jade Hill) One of our students, Henry submitted this as his work;  

100WC T2W3

I ran through the blazing wind and drenching rain searching for shelter. I couldn’t see any trees or buildings and the violent storm was beginning to grow. Then I saw through half shut eyes a large tree. I ran as fast as I could shivering in my drenched clothes towards the tree, but as I […]

Skellig Essays

We have been using Google Docs a bit this term, and we are now working with them. We are using a Google Doc to draft our essays, which is quicker than handwriting, especially when we are editing things by moving them around. The Google Doc also allows our teacher to see how we are going […]

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