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Water Rockets

As part of our ‘Teacher for a Day’ activities, Declan and Matthew ran a Water Rocket lesson. We brought materials for water rockets so that we could get lots of people to make water rockets. the lesson went really well and everyones worked and it was very fun.

Photoshop Santas

Photoshop Santas

As part of our Christmas Inquiry, we are looking at the different types of Christmas Cards people send. We have decided to make our own dress up cards by using Photoshop to make us into Santas. We will be using these images on cards we will make for our families. This is an example of […]


We have been creating screencasts as part of our digital citizenship inquiry. We have learned that part of being a good digital citizen is to give as well as take. We have made some instructional screencasts that we will share with others so they can learn new skills on the computer that they might not […]

Fake Book

Your Humanities task this week is to make a ‘FakeBook‘ account for your ingenious thinker. You will need to pick appropriate ‘events’ from your thinker’s life and make them the posts. How others reacted to these events will be comments for these posts. Think about what sort of information your thinker would want to share […]

Leadership Poster

This Prezi was made by Mrs Roper for your Cybrary lesson this week.   leadership campaign poster on Prezi  

Creative Commons

We had a good discussion about copyright and creative commons from watching these videos… and this one from the Creative Commons website. Please write a post on your blog under the ‘Digital Citizenship’ category and post the link here. You need to describe what you understand by Creative Commons and include an appropriately sourced image.


In science we have been inquiring into electrical circuits. Today we learned that there are parallel circuits and series circuits. In a series circuit if a light or motor blows, then it stops the whole circuit but in a parallel circuit it would continue. We were doing wet lab, dry lab with circuits when Rohan and I […]

100 Word Challenge Hiatus!

100 Word Challenge Hiatus!

We in Mr Huebl’s Classroom are mourning the UK holiday enforced 100 Word Challenge hiatus. So we are making our own stimulus so we can continue the fun and excitement of micro-writing. We have chosen the stimulus…. “…I’m sorry…” We will be posting the links to our posts below and we would love to see […]

Digital Citizenship Reflections – Geo Tagging

Access this site and explore. Consider the benefits and dangers of geo-tagging. Write a reflection on what you discover and post it on your blog. Comment on this post with the URL from your blog. Consider these questions when writing your review; 1. What have you learnt about Geo-tagging? Discuss the benefits ad dangers associated […]

Maths Continuous Learning Week 3

Your investigation this week is onto the commection between millilitres and cubic centimetres. You may present your findings anyway you wish, but it must be recorded in a blog post. For example, if you do an experiment, record (video) the process and post that, along with a description on your blog. Alternatively, you may construct […]

Continuous Learning – Maths Week 2

So, the task is to creatively show the features of a 3D shape of your choice. You can do this however you like, and choose whichever shape you like. The only stipulation is that you need to present it as a post on your blog. Remember to categorise and tag it appropriately, and use the […]

The results we found

Calendar Investigations

We have been investigating number patterns, and the phenomena that we observe. Our task was to look at a ‘square’ of dates from a calendar and investigate the sums of the dates as we added horizontally, vertically and diagonally. We found that the total sum we found was the same every time, because it was […]

Indigenous Awareness Campaigns

We have been studying different aspects of Australian Aboriginal life and looking at how they have changed because of European settlement in Australia. Our big project this term was to create an awareness campaign that would educate people about the way Aboriginals live in Australia. Here are some examples.    

100 Word Challenge

As a class, we did the 100 word challenge. You have to write a story that is 100 or less words long. Each week there will be a new phrase, word, sound or a picture to begin your story. Everyone is having a great time and using their imagination in different ways it is a […]

Dreamtime Stories

For our unit of inquiry we are focusing on how cultures collide. Particularly we have been focusing on Indigenous Australians. A couple of weeks ago we have investigated on Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and how they have represented a significant part of their culture. Mr Huebl suggested that we could we could create our own. We […]

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