Teach Us, Maybe

Last friday morning we were looking at viral you tube videos to see how people could get their message to a large audience. This was to help us prepare for our Aboriginal awareness assignment. we realised well known things got the message around quickly. Two students wanted to point out a parody of “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jensen.

We saw the HUGE number of call me maybe parody’s and we were amazed. These include Saturday Night Live, Sesame Street (inspired by this one from Jimmy Fallon) and the Harvard University Baseball Team dancing in their mini bus in the way to a game. The common theme in all of them was the originality of seemingly ordinary people. We realised that this creativity and innovation were things that people found interesting, and in turn made their videos popular.

So…….. we thought that making our own call me maybe parody would not only be fun but would help us understand how taking something that someone else has created and putting your own twist on it has an impact on people. This is something we wanted to learn about as we are going to need to raise awareness for social issues as part of an assignment later in the term.

At lunch time that day most of the class went out at lunch and discussed the moves, learnt the lyrics and figured out what to do in the parody. We spent an hour after lunch getting it organised and before the end of the day we had produced this video. We think that this video is a good way of spreading a bit of fun and creativity to the school community. We hope you all get a smile out of this.


6HU Call Me Maybe from Mr Huebl on Vimeo.


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