Reflection 13 September

Lego Maths

It’s a lazy Spring afternoon, with the students not in the optimum frame of mind for a Mathematics lesson. We decided to play with our new lego set and see how we could use it to show Mathematical understanding. These are some of the things the students came up with: Bianca Sam Meg Ella Simone […]


Our Classroom

Inquiry in Term 2

Our Inquiry Units in Term 2 will revolve around the same concept in both Language A and Humanities. This guy might give you a clue as to what that concept is! Prizes will go to a) Those who can identify who this dapper looking fellow is; and b) What the Key Concept for these units […]

Teach Us, Maybe

Last friday morning we were looking at viral you tube videos to see how people could get their message to a large audience. This was to help us prepare for our Aboriginal awareness assignment. we realised well known things got the message around quickly. Two students wanted to point out a parody of “Call Me […]

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the class blog for 6HU. This will be a place where we as a class will share our learning journey. Please feel free to share with the extended class community and to comment on what we are doing. We want you to be involved!

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