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6Hu Mylor Camp

What we did for year 6 camp

First day of year 6 camp, we were put in three different groups
Each group went to an activity.
Those activities were canoeing, the challenge course & initiative pursuits.
Those activities fairly challenging for some people.
On that night the group one tenters were setting up for camp.

On day two we sorted into five groups.
On that day we did most of the activities which were Giant Swing, Flying Fox, bridge building and Archery. Most of the year sixes liked bridge building.
On this night group one packed the tents up and let the group two tenters to set up.

On the last day we were kept in our five groups and we did the last few activities which are Archery and Low ropes.
When we have have finished all the task we got all our bags in the bus and were ready to go.


What is my Culture?

Year 6,

Our Individuals and Societies unit this term is “When Cultures Collide”. An important thing for you to understand before looking at different cultures around the world is what the world culture means, and what students believe their own culture means.

To do this, please have a quick look at the following sites, that discuss different definitions of what a culture is:

You should have a fair idea of what things the term ‘culture’ includes. Using hyperlinks as references, create a blog post on your personal blog that outlines your personal definition of culture. The post can include images, but the writing should not be more than a few sentences.