The Making of Hogwarts

Our novel study this term is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. As a year level, we really got into it and transformed our classrooms into Hogwarts, to suit our work.

We have engaged in Novel Study tasks each week, which have involved summaries and analysis’s for each chapter. During our ‘Harry Potter Time’ (time allocated to spicing up the classrooms), Mr Huebl suggested documenting our ‘journey.’

Here is the movie I put together to ‘document our journey’. I hope you enjoy,


The Making of Hogwarts from SAS Year 6 on Vimeo.

Experimenting with Electrical Circuits (Science)

In today’s science lesson, we were given the task of experimenting with batteries, lightbulbs, wires, pins, motors, rubbers, digital multimeter and a variety of other things.Some children decided to experiment with resources they had never seen or heard of before. We were told to experiment with any metal objects we could find. A small group of girls specialised in making long circuits, including more than three main objects. Two boys decided they would go with short circuits, but using different resources, such as scissors,¬†paperclips and wood. Everyone managed to make a completed circuit work.¬†Here are some photos of our science lesson.

By Henna Penna